Larry Crane
Large Format Photographer
Creating memorable images using photographic techniques is a love affair that traces its origins to my childhood. For me, it is about creating a “Wow!” reaction, about being provoked in an emotional way to the beauty of God's world. In today’s oversaturated world of snapshots from mobile devices, I think it is ever more important to capture the world around us in a meaningful, thoughtful, artistic manner thereby creating something of lasting value.
My first camera was a hand-me-down Kodak Disc 4000 from my grandparents. Maybe not the most technical camera in which to learn, but it stirred the intrigue of capturing moments in time forever. After college and starting a family, my go to camera was a Canon EOS Rebel 2000, which documented our family’s life and continued to push me to be more creative with these important images. In 2008, digital photography entered my life with the Nikon D90, then the D7000, then the D600, then I stopped chasing the digital upgrade path to pursue something more: Large format 4x5 film images. Unparalleled image quality and camera control, large format cameras offer the greatest creativity and long-term image value available. The limitation is my imagination.
My collection of images spans a number of years across digital and film platforms. Lightroom and Photoshop are just as important for post-processing as the dark room was to early photographers. But the greatest value of an image is the combination of the image captured, it’s post-processing, and the final print. 
An image only realizes its full potential when printed.  I truly hope you enjoy my work!